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Accidents increase in winter as freezing conditions make car parks, pathways and entrances more dangerous. Are you protected?

What’s your winter maintenance policy? Allow Nurture to manage your winter maintenance policy and make it one less worry during the winter months.

Questions to ask yourself:-

  • How and when you will grit your car parks, pathways, entrances, fire escapes and any other access area which might pose a risk?

  • Who will undertake your gritting for you – will you do it yourself in-house or engage a gritting contractor?

  • How will you – or your gritting contractor – decide when to grit and when not to?

  • Do you or your gritting contractor have a full road surface temperature forecast to work to?

  • How will your gritting contractor notify you a) when they are going to grit and b) that they have successfully completed the work?

  • Do you have full back up in the event of a claim?

  • If your gritting contractor manages the site, do you have the ability to stop the gritting if you feel there is enough salt down from previous visits?

  • If you are going to grit yourself, or want extra emergency cover, where will the salt bins be situated and how will they be refilled?

  • In extreme weather conditions can you get additional visits organised quickly without incurring additional costs over and above your standard charge?

  • Are your liability controls covered?

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