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Hazardous Waste Collection London

We collect, transport and process all kinds of hazardous ( COSHH ) waste including 

  • Solvents & Oils

  • Paint

  • Pesticides

  • Batteries

  • Cleaning Agents

  • Asbestos

  • Lightbulbs & Fluorescent Tubes

  • Aerosols 

  • Electrical components and wiring

We offer full site clearance from regular waste to hazardous materials to include fully compliant and safe removal. The waste is then disposed of at our processing plant in the most responsible way from treatment, incineration or landfill. We always aim to recycle where possible. 

Fully Documented Waste Removal

All hazardous waste is collected by ADR trained personnel and placed in containers that meet UK environmental and safety regulations and legal documentation is provided where necessary. For more details about our waste removal and disposal of hazardous materials call today. We routinely provide transfer notes and provide a complete paper trail of waste disposal for your peace of mind.

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