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Office Mavericks Man and Van
Office Mavericks Man and van
Office Mavericks Man and Van
Office Mavericks Full House removal Services in London

Man and Van / Lorry with Driver Hire London

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Man and Van in London


Man and Van London is a removal company Based in Kingston, since we are based in Kingston, London is an area we have not only invested in, but also an area we do a lot of Man and Van services.

Man and Van in London services are always happening as there is much wanted property in the area, and a lot of furniture storage in London is needed because of renovations, extensions and other work that require furniture storage in London, man and van in London is a busy market.

Man and Van is perfect for London, as we are an experienced removal company in London, and our staff are trained and all experienced in handling fragile, antique furniture and fine art storage in London.

Man and Van not only does Man and Van in London but we also move pianos in London, weather a piano is on the ground floor or the 5th floor and out a window, we can provide a furniture lift service for narrow stair cases or large furniture items that won’t fit the door way.

Man and Van also provide a porter service in London, this is known as helpers or men to assist in house with heavy items to move from one room to another room, or moving within the same building or across the street where a van would not be necessary.

We also do Man and Van London furniture storage, and move to Europe or international shipping as we are trained and experienced in shipping and full export wrapping every single piece of furniture, Man and Van is a Company which can be relied on and trusted on, if there is something we can help with, that we haven’t covered in Man and Van in London? Please give us a call.

Man and Van is fully insured and cover from £5,000.00 upwards as needed.

Man and Van Crew are fully trained every year to refresh and introduce new procedures.

Man and Van Crew are all experienced and are all checked thoroughly before employment.

Man and Van Vehicles are the latest models for low emissions and are serviced regularly.

Man and Van Storage are fully secured in weather proofed warehouses and regulated.



With Man and Van in London, vehicles are fully serviced regularly, each driver has a check list to go over before starting the day, and our maintenance programme insures all our vehicles are ready for the job ahead, and on top of that, an extra van and man in London is always available each day just in case there is a problem. 


Man and Van in London vehicles are fully equipped with removal  Blankets, tie ropes (webbing), trolleys and all the necessary protection materials from door covers to carpet protectors to make our man and van in London service good enough for any move.



Man and Van London vehicles, are large enough for all your moving needs, from a single room to a 3 bedroom on just 1 vehicle!  And up to a 6 bedroom on 2 or 3 vehicles or 1- 18 tonne vehicle!



Man and Van in London vehicles, are fully insured comprehensively not only that, we also have goods in transit insurance in case anything was to happen all your goods are fully insured! 


Services we specialize in and can provide in London


Man and Van – Man and Van  can move a 1 bedroom house, 2 bedroom house, 3 bedroom house, 4 bedroom house, 5 bedroom house or 6 and more bedroom house from anywhere in London to anywhere in the United Kingdom, Europe and anywhere in the World that is Regulated By Man and Van Associations such as BAR and FIDI International.

Man and Van or Man with a Van – Man and Van provide hourly services based on your needs from 1 man and a van too as many men and vans are required, with this service you always pay the minimum and still get top trained and experienced crew for the job, this service can be used for single items to full house moves.


Storage – Man and Van provide furniture storage with one of the largest depots in the UK, we also have smaller depots in London in different areas to help with our operations, our crew are well trained and experienced in inventory details, full export wrapping, stacking and sealing the container weather it’s for a single item to antique, fine art to a full house of furniture and boxes.

Shipping – Man and Van shipping services are regulated by the highest standards and insured accordingly to make sure all will be delivered perfectly, our crew are well trained and experienced in full export wrapping which is essential for shipping and container loading knowledge from a full house removal to loading vehicles outside the property.


Office - Man and Van is not only experienced in house Man and Van we are trained and experienced in office Man and Van from a large office to a small office, with staff that can dis-mantle and assemble all tables and equipment, and a removal for those awkward out of office hours.


Exhibitions and Events –Man and Van are an experienced company in exhibitions and events, we can arrange transportation, Stand Building and Disassembly, storage, Furniture hire, office deliveries etc.  


House Clearance – Man and Van can do house clearances to suit your needs and remove all items in the property, we don’t just dispose everything most is salvaged for charity.


Charity Work – Man and Van does a lot of furniture salvage all in the name of chosen charity’s as we believe in recycling to protect the environment


Assistance – Man and Van provide men as assistants for in house moving for homes and offices this is called a porter service which is tailored to your needs


Man and Van in London, will provide a service which will not disappoint, Our well trained and experienced staff have been with us or other companies for many years and are proud and happy to do this service, they stay with us as they are rewarded constantly for their efforts and most of our work does come from referrals from jobs that they have been on!

Even our Office staff have on the road Man and Van in London Experience, you can be sure they know what they are talking about!

Weather it is a small move, a large house or office move, our Man and Van in London service Team come prepared with tools, materials and equipped vehicles in other words they have the RIGHT TOOLS FOR THE JOB especially experience, which is the most important, even with experience all our staff are trained every year because there are always new ways or new tools in the Man and Van in London service industry.

There are no hidden costs with our Man and Van in London service. For Man and Van within London we only charge you from when we meet you until when we leave.

When contacting our office staff, it will be noticed that all your questions are answered without delay, which is because our company was started from a team who started as drivers and porters in the Man and Van in London service, all our office staff come from the road as we call it.

Guaranteed Bookings! Once we book a time and date we will be there!

If looking to move longer distances or even to Europe or international give us a call and you will get a quote based on your needs or fill in our online form and we will get back to you with results!


Furniture Storage in London

If you are looking for a storage Company, you can count on Man and Van Storage 

Our Furniture Storage in London units are safe and reliable storage units which can be used for a single item to an entire building, they are in a safe weather proof warehouse suitable for fine art storage, Domestic storage, Student storage and office storage. 


What Man and Van can offer?

Man and Van, furniture storage in London, can offer a man and van collection service, if moving into our storage, we will send 2 men and van to collect your items, if items need to be repacked or packed into boxes we can provide boxes and other materials which are suitable for the safe keeping of your goods, this can be from a room to a full house.


Our Man and Van in London team are fully trained, on how to pack, full Export pack and wrap whatever the item, if it’s a box, a Piano, or a grandfather clock, they are prepared for all of it, as we are in the business of shipping in London a lot of training and care is required.


Speaking of Shipping in London we can prepare all your goods ready for shipping and store it until ready to be shipped.

What you will expect from Man and Van furniture storage in London service.

Packing if needed with the right materials or full export wrapping if it is for shipping

 A detailed Inventory which you will have a copy, storage seal number and container number

 Carefully stacked items in a safe space saving manner

 Fully insured storage container and warehouse just in case  

 Discount on our man and van delivery out of store   

 The longer you stay the cheaper the rate will get.



Man and Van

Furniture storage in London


If there is anything that is not covered in the furniture storage in London section, or if you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to call Man and Van.

In the meantime please fill in our online form, or give us a call, so we can store your goods for you, and not only that, you will be getting a great man and van in London service for a fraction of the price, they are experienced and will be able to dismantle or put together furniture if needed and they are also friendly so you can ask them anything.

3.5 Tonne Van with Driver Hire

3.5 Tonne loading area up to 4.3m x 2.0m x 2.15m (LxWxH) load weight up to 1000 Kgs, tail lift

The 3.5tonne van takes a decent amount of volume, a 3.5t van comes with a tail lift for heavy items or pallet loading. It can carry approximately 500 cft ( cubic feet ) or 14 cbm ( cubic meters )

Excellent for small removals, deliveries and long distance. 

Prices From

1 man and a van @ £59.99 per hour ( for self Loading from £39.99 per hour )

2 men and a van @ £79.99 per hour 

3 men and a van @ £109.99 per hour 

Day, Delivery and budgeted rates available on request. Extra men available

7.5 Tonne Truck / Lorry with Driver Hire

Type (GVW) 7.5 Tonne Loading are up to 6m x 2.35m x 2.3m (LxWxH) load weight up to 3000 Kgs, tail lift

This 7.5ton has double the volume of a 3.5ton van and can carry more weight than a 3,5 ton van, it can carry approximately 1000 cubic feet or 28 cubic meters

Prices From

1 man and a van @ £69.99 per hour ( for self Loading from £49.99 per hour )

2 men and a van @ £89.99 per hour 

3 men and a van @ £119.99 per hour 

Day, Delivery and budgeted rates available on request. Extra men available.

12 Tonne Truck with Driver Hire

Type (GVW)  12 Tonne (12,000Kgs)  Loading Area up to 7m x 2.35m x 2.4m (LxWxH) Load Weight up to 6500 Kgs

This 12 tonne truck / lorry has more volume than a 7.5 tonne truck / lorry and can carry double the weight of a 7,5 tonne truck / lorry, it can carry approximately 1300 cubic feet or  40 cubic meters  

Prices From

1 man and a van @ £79.99 per hour ( for self Loading from £49.99 per hour )

2 men and a van @ £99.99 per hour 

3 men and a van @ £129.99 per hour 

Day, Delivery and budgeted rates available on request. Extra Men available.

18 Tonne Truck / Lorry with Driver Hire

Type (GVW) 18 Tonne Loading Area up to 8m x 2.35m x 2.45m (LxWxH) Load Weight up to 10,000 Kgs TAIL LIFT CAPACITY up to 1,500 Kgs

The 18 tonne truck / lorry is perfect for the larger, heavier and more bulky consignments. It can carry approximately 1600 cft or 46 cubic meters witch is more than the 12 tonne truck / lorry

Type (GVW) 18 Tonne (18,000Kgs) Loading Area up to 8m x 2.35m x 2.45m (LxWxH)

CARRYING CAPACITY up to 10,000 Kgs TAIL LIFT CAPACITY up to 1,500 Kgs

Prices From

1 man and a van @ £89.99 per hour ( for self Loading from £59.99 per hour )

2 men and a van @ £109.99 per hour 

3 men and a van @ £139.99 per hour 

Day, Delivery and budgeted rates available on request. Extra men available on request

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Office Mavericks man and van Personal Assistant Packing and Moving Services in London
Office Mavericks Man and Van
Office Mavericks Man and Van
Office Mavericks Man and Van
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